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ah786 10-23-2004 04:28 PM

problems with fdisk and cfdisk

p3 600/via apollo 133a chipset (chaintech ct 6ata2)
geforce 2mx
maxtor 40gb 7200rpm

1st thing i did was delete the 2 previous partitions and created a new 8gb ntfs partition for windows xp. windows installed and works.

now using slackware 10 install cd, im trying to run fdisk or cfdisk. both wont run.

"fatal error: unable to open disk drive"

"unable to open /dev/hda1"

im thinking its something to do with the previous 2 partitions. i setup a NTFS partition using win xp cd on the remaining space but im still getting the same problems.

im a linux noob so i really dont know what else to do.

Not now, John! 10-23-2004 06:50 PM

Try "fdisk /dev/hda", not "fdisk /dev/hda1".

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