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MiguelRed1912 01-18-2019 11:41 AM

Problems with DansGuardian + Squid in CentOS 7
Good afternoon,

My problem is the following:

CentOS 7

I have two groups: the first group has limited access to the Internet that works for me.
The second group has full access to the internet, which is what is now causing me problems, since I'm not filtering some sites that I do NOT want them to enter.

I have already modified my dansguardian.conf file and I have already generated the dansguardianf1 and dansguardianf2 files.
In dansguardianf2 already load in bannedsitelist the sites that I do not want to enter those that are in group 2, and restart dansguardian and squid but still without filtering.

Any idea where my problem might be? or where it could be declared that group 2 does not pass through any filter?

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