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bobodaelf 10-06-2001 04:32 PM

problems with corel linux
i installed corel linux on my comp several times getting the same results all but one time.

this is a clean install
using installation cd

the first few times i installed i never got to x windows.
instead i got a flashing prompt to login
i tried to enter my login between flashes, it didn't work
it just rebooted

the last time i installed when i went to corel vga i got x windows to load. but mysteriously my keyboard stops working at this point. i don't mind pointing and clicking, but there is only so much you can do with a mouse.

between these installs i formated my hard drive using a dos disk

and when looking at dos fdisk (even the setup partitioning table in corel linux) it seems as if 2GB of my hard disk are missing
bios says i have 40GB but dos and linux say i have 38GB.

furthermore, when i format corel still boots though sometimes looking not so healthy.

Can someone help me fix my linux problems and/or tell me how to get it to stop booting.

trickykid 10-07-2001 12:27 AM

actually not to be rude or anything... i wouldn't suggest trying corel, not much support there and its not the greatest distro. plus its basically extinct now.

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