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Old 06-29-2007, 04:09 AM   #1
Registered: Jun 2006
Distribution: Debian, Ubuntu, Windows XP
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Problems running Java applications

I can't seem to run any java-based application, altough according to synaptic and add/remove programs, the Java Runtime Environment is installed. I did run the command "java -jar robocode-setup-1.3.1.jar" first for robocode and it told me that it had finished successfully.

Here are the error messages I get:

Warning: /bin/java does not exist
   at java.lang.VMClassLoader.defineClass(
   at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(
   at gnu.gcj.runtime.SystemClassLoader.findClass(
   at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
   at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
   at java.lang.VMClassLoader.defineClass(
   at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(
   at gnu.gcj.runtime.SystemClassLoader.findClass(
   at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
   at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(
   at SmartCVS.main(SourceFile:12)
Using robohome .
Could not set the Look and Feel (LAF).  The default LAF is used instead
No, using defaults.
java.awt.AWTError: Cannot load AWT toolkit:
java.awt.AWTError: Cannot load AWT toolkit:
   at java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(
   at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment(
   at java.awt.Window.<init>(
   at java.awt.Frame.<init>(
   at java.awt.Frame.<init>(
   at javax.swing.SwingUtilities$OwnerFrame.<init>(
   at javax.swing.SwingUtilities$OwnerFrame.<init>(
   at javax.swing.SwingUtilities.getOwnerFrame(
   at javax.swing.JWindow.<init>(
   at robocode.dialog.SplashScreen.<init>(Unknown Source)
   at robocode.manager.WindowManager.showSplashScreen(Unknown Source)
   at robocode.Robocode.initialize(Unknown Source)
   at robocode.Robocode.main(Unknown Source)
Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
   at java.lang.Class.initializeClass(
   at java.lang.Class.forName(
   at java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit(
   ...12 more
29-Jun-07 10:40:39 AM org.bardsoftware.impl.eclipsito.BootImpl run
INFO: Eclipsito platform is running.
29-Jun-07 10:40:39 AM org.bardsoftware.eclipsito.Boot main
   at java.lang.StringBuffer.<init>(
   at org.bardsoftware.impl.eclipsito.BootImpl.getPlugins(
   at org.bardsoftware.eclipsito.Boot.main(
29-Jun-07 10:40:39 AM org.bardsoftware.impl.eclipsito.BootImpl shutdown
INFO: Eclipsito platform is shut down.
And here's a result of "dpkg -l *java*":
| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ Name                             Version             Description
un  cairo-java                       <none>              (no description available)
un  glib-java                        <none>              (no description available)
un  ia32-sun-java5-bin               <none>              (no description available)
un  ia32-sun-java5-plugin            <none>              (no description available)
un  ia32-sun-java6-bin               <none>              (no description available)
un  ia32-sun-java6-plugin            <none>              (no description available)
ii  java-common                      0.25ubuntu2         Base of all Java packages
un  java-compiler                    <none>              (no description available)
ii  java-gcj-compat                  1.0.76-2            Java runtime environment using GIJ
ii  java-gcj-compat-dev              1.0.76-2            Java runtime environment with GCJ
ii  java-gcj-compat-plugin           1.0.76-2            Web browser plugin to execute Java (tm) appl
ii  java-package                     0.28                utility for building Java(TM) 2 related Debi
un  java-runtime                     <none>              (no description available)
un  java-virtual-machine             <none>              (no description available)
un  java1-runtime                    <none>              (no description available)
un  java2-runtime                    <none>              (no description available)
un  javacc                           <none>              (no description available)
un  lib-xt-java                      <none>              (no description available)
un  libant1.6-java                   <none>              (no description available)
un  libavalon-framework-java         <none>              (no description available)
ii  libbcel-java                     5.2-2ubuntu2        Analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Jav
un  libbcel-java-doc                 <none>              (no description available)
ii  libbcprov-java                   1.33-4              Bouncy Castle Java Cryptographic Service Pro
un  libbcprov-java-doc               <none>              (no description available)
un  libbcprov-java-gcj               <none>              (no description available)
un  libbsf-java                      <none>              (no description available)
ii  libcairo-java                    1.0.8-5             Cairo bindings for Java
un  libcairo-java-gcj                <none>              (no description available)
ii  libcommons-beanutils-java        1.7.0-5             utility for manipulating JavaBeans
un  libcommons-beanutils-java-doc    <none>              (no description available)
ii  libcommons-cli-java              1.0-8               API for working with the command line argume
ii  libcommons-collections-java      2.1.1-6             A set of abstract data type interfaces and i
un  libcommons-collections-java-doc  <none>              (no description available)
ii  libcommons-collections3-java     3.1a-3.1            A set of abstract data type interfaces and i
un  libcommons-collections3-java-doc <none>              (no description available)
ii  libcommons-dbcp-java             1.2.1-5ubuntu2      Database Connection Pooling Services
ii  libcommons-digester-java         1.7-3               Rule based XML Java object mapping tool
ii  libcommons-el-java               1.0-3               Implementation of the JSP2.0 Expression Lang
ii  libcommons-launcher-java         1.1-3               cross platform java application launcher
ii  libcommons-logging-java          1.0.4-5ubuntu2      commmon wrapper interface for several loggin
ii  libcommons-modeler-java          1.1-9               A convenience library to use Java Management
un  libcommons-net-java              <none>              (no description available)
ii  libcommons-pool-java             1.3-1               pooling implementation for Java objects
ii  libglib-java                     0.4.2-7             GLib bindings for Java
un  libglib-java-gcj                 <none>              (no description available)
ii  libgnucrypto-java                2.1.0-2             full-featured cryptographic library in Java
un  libgnumail-java                  <none>              (no description available)
ii  libgtk-java                      2.10.2-4            GTK+ bindings for Java
un  libgtk-java-gcj                  <none>              (no description available)
un  libgtk0-java                     <none>              (no description available)
un  libgtk2-java                     <none>              (no description available)
ii  libhsqldb-java             Java SQL database engine
un  libhsqldb-java-doc               <none>              (no description available)
un  libhsqldb-java-gcj               <none>              (no description available)
ii  libjaxp1.2-java                  1.2.01-2            Java XML parser and transformer APIs (DOM, S
un  libjaxp1.2-java-gcj              <none>              (no description available)
ii  libjaxp1.3-java                  1.3.03-5            Java XML parser and transformer APIs (DOM, S
un  libjaxp1.3-java-gcj              <none>              (no description available)
un  libjdepend-java                  <none>              (no description available)
un  libjessie-java                   <none>              (no description available)
ii  libjline-java                    0.9.5-3ubuntu1      Java library for handling console input
un  libjline-java-doc                <none>              (no description available)
ii  libjsch-java                     0.1.28-2            java secure channel
ii  liblog4j1.2-java                 1.2.13-3ubuntu1     Logging library for java
un  liblogkit-java                   <none>              (no description available)
ii  liblucene-java                   1.4.3.dfsg-1.2      full-text search engine library for Java(TM)
ii  liblucene-java-doc               1.4.3.dfsg-1.2      demonstration programs and example code for 
ii  libmx4j-java                     3.0.1-3             An open source implementation of the JMX(TM)
un  libmysql-java                    <none>              (no description available)
un  liboro-java                      <none>              (no description available)
un  libpg-java                       <none>              (no description available)
ii  libregexp-java                   1.4-4               regular expression library for Java
un  libsapdbc-java                   <none>              (no description available)
ii  libseda-java                     3.0-3               the Staged Event-Driven Architecture library
ii  libservlet2.3-java               4.0-8ubuntu3        Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 Java classes and doc
ii  libservlet2.4-java               5.0.30-3ubuntu2     Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 Java classes and doc
un  libswt-gtk-3.2-java              <none>              (no description available)
un  libswt-gtk3-java                 <none>              (no description available)
un  libswt2.1-gtk2-java              <none>              (no description available)
un  libswt3.1-gtk-java               <none>              (no description available)
ii  libswt3.2-gtk-java               3.2.2-0ubuntu3      Fast and rich GUI toolkit for Java, gtk2 ver
ii  libtomcat5.5-java                5.5.20-5ubuntu1     Java Servlet engine -- core libraries
ii  libxalan2-java                   2.7.0-4             XSL Transformations (XSLT) processor in Java
un  libxalan2-java-doc               <none>              (no description available)
un  libxalan2-java-gcj               <none>              (no description available)
ii  libxerces2-java                  2.8.1-2             Validating XML parser for Java with DOM leve
un  libxerces2-java-doc              <none>              (no description available)
un  libxerces2-java-gcj              <none>              (no description available)
un  libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java  <none>              (no description available)
un  libxsltc-java                    <none>              (no description available)
ii  libxt-java                       0.20050823-2ubuntu4 An implementation in Java of XSL Transformat
un  libxt-java-gcj                   <none>              (no description available)
un              <none>              (no description available)
ii       2.2.1~rc3-1ubuntu3 office suite Java support arc
un  openoffice.org2-java-common      <none>              (no description available)
ii  sun-java5-bin                    1.5.0-11-1ubuntu2   Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 (
un  sun-java5-fonts                  <none>              (no description available)
ii  sun-java5-jre                    1.5.0-11-1ubuntu2   Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 (
pn  sun-java5-plugin                 <none>              (no description available)
ii  sun-java6-bin                    6-00-2ubuntu2       Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (ar
un  sun-java6-fonts                  <none>              (no description available)
ii  sun-java6-jre                    6-00-2ubuntu2       Sun Java(TM) Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 (ar
ii  sun-java6-plugin                 6-00-2ubuntu2       The Java(TM) Plug-in, Java SE 6
Distro: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

Last edited by [KIA]aze; 06-29-2007 at 04:10 AM.
Old 06-29-2007, 05:37 AM   #2
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Make sure you use Sun java programs (for compiling and running). GNU's ones do not work as good as SUN's ones.
Check $PATH and your scripts.


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