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bobthebat 07-07-2001 06:19 PM

Problems installing Mesa 3.4.2 on RH-7.1
I want to install Mesa on my Linux box (Athlon 1ghz, 256 RAM, 40 GB hdd, Redhat 7.1) so that I can run some 3D applications. Someone told me that I needed a thing called glut, which I found and downloaded. But I can't get it to install even after reading about it many times. I type from the Mesa directory,

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-glut=/usr/src/glut-3.7
and the script goes for a while but stops with these two last lines
checking for main in -lglut... no
configure: error: No external GLUT found
And yes, the path to the glut sources is correct.

When I try it like this:
./configure --prefix=/usr --without-glut
I get:
checking for main in -lglut... no
checking whether to use an external (=already-installed) GLUT... no
checking for GLUT source dir in '.' ... configure: error: GLUT sources missing; that is not supported at this point.

and from this:
I get the same as above

I am using glut 3.7 and Mesa 3.4.2

Please help!
Thanks in advance,
Ben Weintraub

bobthebat 07-07-2001 06:22 PM

Also forgot to mention that I have an NVIDIA Geforce 2 MX and I am using kernel 2.4.5, xfree 4.something and NVIDIA's kernel nonspecific drivers.

cinnix 07-09-2001 05:22 AM

is there a reason that you aren't using the supplied RPM package?

bobthebat 07-09-2001 03:23 PM

yes, the reason I am not using the supplied rpm is that I do not have the RedHat CD's yet. I borrowed them from a friend to do the install.

cinnix 07-09-2001 11:27 PM

if that is the only reason, go to and download it from there.

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