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ricky1981 12-18-2008 12:21 PM

Problems installing and running Frostwire on Acer One running Linpus Linux
Hi guys, total and utter noob :newbie: to Linux here, I've tried a few different things but to install and run Frostwire but really only have moderate knowledge of Windows.

I've downloaded the latest "stable" version of Frostwire, have done the install as far as I can tell but can't get it to start, either by clicking it directly, or by right clicking the torrent file and selecting Frostwire as the program I want to open it.

I am using an Acer One running Linpus, I have done the basic hack to allow right click on the desktop to bring up a better option menu so programs can be installed, but now that it is on the computer I am struggling to get it to open. I have re-installed it to make sure it is a Linux version (downloaded the option for a Fedora version - I believe I did the right thing as Linpus is Fedora based?).

Please bear in mind I am a total noob with this, and things will have have to be explained fully - I know nothing about "code" and lots of other things mentioned in other threads while trying to find an answer to my problem.

This Linpus system seemed very easy to use until I wanted to do more than just what was pre-installed - will it all be so complicated? Or is there a Windows clone that will be easier - sorry for so many questions but it's left me rather confuzzled!

Many thanks!

farslayer 12-19-2008 09:24 AM

Not too many of us are familiar with Linpus, which I believe is based on fedora. Most of the people here that have netbooks, have installed different versions of Linux than what came on them. We all have our favorite flavor of Linux don't ya know.

I hate to say it but if you don't find the help you need here (which is not normally the case, support here is excellent most of the time) you might want to try the Acer Aspire One forums.

If you weren't so new I would suggest you change the version of Linux on your netbook, but it is still a little tricky getting everything to work since the netbooks are so new, Might be a step or two above your current Linux skill level. Once you have a little more experience with Linux though I encourage you to try some other versions. I loaded Debian Linux (Lenny) onto my Acer Aspire One and I love it, but then that's the Flavor of Linux that I like best.

Best of luck in your search and Welcome to

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