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xcorsary 09-06-2008 08:57 AM

problems configuring internet - kubuntu - dhcp
hi dudes,

i installed my beautyful kubuntu. configured the internet at work, and worked Xlnt!
Here at home i have a dhcp provieder, so i changed the congifuration to "automatic-dhcp", but i just cant get it work! i "copied" the config from the windows computer (which navegates fine) and configured it manualy, unpluged the cable from the win, and plugged it in my kubuntu... it stills doesnt work. The funny thing is, that i tryed a dhcp confg at work, and it worked!

is there something i am missing?


stress_junkie 09-06-2008 11:19 AM

Hopefully you use KNetworkManager to configure your network. When it is running it looks like an icon of a cable connector in the lower right side of your taskbar. If it isn't running then click on the KDE start button -> Internet -> KNetworkManager. It does not show a splash screen when it starts. It just creates an icon in the lower right part of the screen.

Once you see that icon then move the mouse pointer over the icon and press the right mouse button. Select Manual Configuration. A new window will pop up. You should see your NIC card listed on the page with the tab labeled Network Interfaces. Now click on the button labeled Configure Interface. A new window will pop up.

The new window will have the title Configure Device eth0. Below that you will see the words TCP/IP Address. Below that are two radio buttons. The top one has the label Automatic and the lower one has the label Manual. Click on the top radio button labeled Automatic. Near the bottom is a check box next to the words Activate when the computer starts. Make sure that the box has a check in it. The click on the OK button in the lower right side of the window. The window will disappear.

Back at the original KNetworkManager configuration window you should click on the button labeled Apply then click on the button labeled OK.

Make sure that the computer is plugged into a LAN router and reboot the machine. The network should work when the computer finished restarting.

xcorsary 09-18-2008 10:42 AM

hi, galaxi Hitchhiker :D
tkx a lot for your typ. I did that allready, and it still didn't work... but the problem was as dumb as Voghan poem... i only had to restart the modem! so tkx a lot!


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