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naveedbs 09-16-2003 03:19 PM

Problem with XServer on RedHat 9
I was trying to install something from source. It took too much time so i restart computer. But when i tried to reboot , it made a long check of (perhaps) file system and complained it cannot OS and asked me to run some fsck (or something similar). It perhaps fixed things. but when i booted Linux again, XServer complianed and refuesed to started... :(
It complained there were perhaps some core files / libraries missing (i think fsck deleted some in fixing...???).
Now please tell me how i can restor XServer Configuration. Or I will have to reinstall the Xserver, if so , please tell me what files are needed to get installed...??
Im using RedHat 9.
Please help me solve my problem. Thanks
Naveed Ahmad

jailbait 09-16-2003 04:45 PM

Your problem was caused by booting without going through proper shutdown. This broke your file system and you lost some files. the proper way to get out of the situation would be to enter:
<ctrl> <alt> <F3>
login as root
shutdown -r now

When you booted fsck fixed your broken file system so that it would work but was unable to restore the data that you lost in the disk cache when you rebooted.

To restore X Window use your Red Hat install disk. Boot the install disk and then chose the option to upgrade an existing system. Then install X and KDE and/or gnome, etc.

After you reinstall X you may have to configure X again.

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