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tuxtamer 03-24-2005 02:01 AM

problem using apt-get
i use redhat 9. i recently installed apt-get. but was not able to install any of the softwares using it. so i edited the apt.conf file and made changes in the following function in the file.
i changed the "Proxy ""; and from then it is not even connecting. so pls help.

Acquire {
Retries "0";
Proxy "";

thanx in advance.

pk21 03-25-2005 05:26 AM

You did try "apt-get update" first before you did an "apt-get install rpmpackage" right?

tuxtamer 03-28-2005 02:42 AM

thanx for the reply.
i did try it. and succesfully updated it.
even then its not working.

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