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AamirSohail 04-07-2014 06:55 AM

problem in patching gpsr protocol.........
for the following step in patching gpsr on ns2.34 ubuntu 13.4 i'm getting a lot of makefiles in the location mentioned when i search for makefile....
and these makefiles don't have the line provided in the following piece of instruction........plz can anyone help me.....thanx in advance
3. In the Makefile, you need to replace line
in ns2/ns-2.2x/Makefile as
$(OBJ_STL) \
gpsr/gpsr_neighbor.o \
gpsr/gpsr_sinklist.o \

knudfl 04-07-2014 07:37 AM

GPSR-hls : See post #5 here (ns233)

GPSR-KeLiu (ns234)

There in one Makefile only to edit, if you go with the old(est) instructions :
.. But it's a much better idea to edit the,
.. and then run ./install in the top directory.

* Be aware that the miscellaneous old "tutorials"
are not using the simplest way of adding gpsr.
The more complex it is, the more risk of errors to come.
* Please choose "as simple as possible" : Nothing to edit.


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