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angadrandhawa 02-09-2008 09:45 AM

Problem booting ubuntu
Hey guys i get root file system error during the booting ubuntu. It says
Checking root file system
/dev/sda7 : contains a file system with error , check forced
dev/sda7 :
Missing '..'in directory inode 392537

dev/sda7 : unexpected inconsistancy run fsck manually

Automatic file system check (fsck) of the root file system failed
Manually run fsck without the options -a and the was another one that i cant remember right now PLz can anybody help ?????? I am new to lunix so plz can you also explain the steps if possiable .....

tommcd 02-10-2008 06:08 AM

I assume /dev/sda7 is the root partition of Ubuntu. Try booting up the Ubuntu live CD, open a terminal (applications > accesories > terminal) and run "sudo fsck /dev/sda7" (without the quotes). If this works ok you should be able to reboot into Ubuntu from the hard disk.
Did you just install Ubuntu and boot it for the first time and get this error? Or has Ubuntu been running ok for a while and this just happened all of the sudden. Did you repartition your hard dive after the install?
Could you post the output from terminal of:
cat /etc/fstab
sudo fdisk -l (that is a lower case letter "L")
I'm wondering why your root partition is /dev/sda7. Do you have other operating systems or Windows partitions on the machine?
EDIT: also, see this thread:

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