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levian 08-01-2003 05:34 AM

printer configuration problem
hi all,..can somebody help me..?

I have problem in configuring printer. Im using mandrake 9.0 and i want to print using HP 4L attached into windows 2000.
I tried to configure it using #printerdrake in an Xterminal and it always gave me a distinc messages like this :
lpstat : unable to connect to server : connection refused.
However the printerdrake menu show up and i fill the configuration options in printer using smb. After i clicked Ok, the unable to connect message start to emerge again and keep continuing like that until i kill it.
I have tried to read many documents but still can't find the reason.
I have tried to disable the firewall but still didnt work.
I have put the windows 2000 hostname in /etc/hosts.
I have installed cups, cups-common, cups-driver, and libcups.
I have seen using nmap that the port for printing (515) is open.
For information, everytime i write #lpstat it always gave the unable to connect message as a return.
Can somebody help me to make things work well with my linux?

thanks in advance


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