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Gibsnag 10-16-2005 07:51 PM

Pre install/partition questions
I'm an almost complete Linux newbie (I have been messing around a bit with Linux on a secondary computer, but nothing serious up till this point) in need of a bit of help with a few questions answered if you'd be so kind.

I want to go for a dual boot setup (as I play quite a few non-Linux games). Now I've heard that there is NTFS write support in the latest Kernel, however I've also heard that its very much use at your own risk, and that there is chance for the NTFS partition to get corrupted. Is this a real precautionary warning in that it really is experimental atm, or is it just a disclaimer for the coders so they don't get bugged by newbs who delete their entire Windows directory by accident or something?

If I were to use a (large 60+GB) Fat32 partition to store files that I would want both operating system's to be using would that be a good or bad idea, as once again I've been told that Fat32 is worse for large partitions. I'm just wondering if making a Fat32 partition for both OS's to access would be a bad idea or not and how inefficient Fat32 is in large partitions?

And finally how well are ATI graphics cards supported, in particular the Asus 9600XT, with Linux in general?

If it is necessary information to answer by questions I've decided to use the Personal Edition of SUSE.

Any help would be appreciated. :)

ctkroeker 10-16-2005 08:05 PM

Re: Pre install/partition questions
The Fat partition is a good Idea.
I'm sure most of your hardware will work. If it doesn't, come back and ask for help.

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