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ozleatherart 07-10-2003 06:35 AM

Power Mac 7220/200 - want network, Yellow Dog or something else??
Brand spankin new to linux. Need lots of help. I've contacted YDL but they can't tell me if YDL will work for sure on a 7220/200. Can anyone here?

Here's what I wanna do. I'm out in the outback of Australia on a slow dial-up connection, I wanna go faster, but can't spare the 4k for the big guys satellite, and don't want give up my macs. I can do it alot cheaper, discovered a satellite provider with linux drivers for the satellite card.

My two machines are connected via ethernet, the 7220 has a ethernet card in its commII slot, my 8100/80 (maxpowrG3 upgrade) has a nubus ethernet card but I connected the 7220 to the built in older connection, using the transceiver thingy ( yeah, i think thats what it is), leaving the newer ethernet slot open for dsl...but we moved to far away to ever get to use it again. I need the 7220 to act as a gateway for the 8100. I also need to be able to use the usb/firewire pci card that has been intalled in the 7220 for my digital camera, which is a jenoptic so I have no idea if linux drivers exist for it.

Next part is...if the correct drivers don't exist, but I can run YDL I need to know if I can operate the macOS (9.1 btw) to do these things for me. Can I fire up the macOS and not linux and then go back to YDL when I am done? I only need the 7220 to empty the camera. If I can, how much room do I need to install YDL. The 7220 only has a 1gig drive in it, it is full of ram if that matters at all.

Any help greatly appreciated

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