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fatma alzahra 07-13-2017 03:24 AM

PMIP & MIH combine in one scenario NS2
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Hello All;
I successfuly install MIH and PMIP in ubuntu 10.04 i686 using

and got result successfully
******question is *********
1) how to make a scenario that combine MIH with PMIP ??
2) Is the combination done at c++ & otcl or the tcl example only and HOW ????

3) if i need to generalize this combination to be MIH with FHMIP
- the combination will be done at c++ & otcl or the tcl example ??? how ???

4) the MIH-hsntg patch contain .... should it be replaced with ???? and how to integrate packets in between????

5) TclClass("Agent/MIPv6") {} , TclClass("Agent/MIH") {}

i really appreciate your help;
thanks in advance..

knudfl 07-13-2017 12:57 PM


Both MIH and PMIP are present. We know that. May not be easy to use in the same simulation.


tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl :        ~230  source ns-pmip6.tcl
tcl/lib/ns-packet.tcl :        ~180  PMIPv6

common/packet.h :               
        //PMIP6: type


ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:44:Agent/MIHUser set default_port_ 253
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:46:Agent/MIHUser/IFMNGMT/MIPV6 set flowRequestTimeout_ 0.02
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:48:Agent/MIHUser/IFMNGMT/MIPV6/Handover set detectionTimeout_ 1
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:50:Agent/MIHUser/IFMNGMT/MIPV6/Handover/Handover1 set case_ 1 ;# no trigger
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:51:Agent/MIHUser/IFMNGMT/MIPV6/Handover/Handover1 set confidence_th_ 80 ;#80% confidence if going down are used (case 3)
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:53:Agent/MIH set default_port_ 252   
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:54:Agent/MIH set supported_events_        255  ;#0xFF: all events
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:55:Agent/MIH set supported_commands_      4095 ;#0xFFF: all commands
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:56:Agent/MIH set supported_transport_    33686018  ;#0x02020202: L3 only
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:57:Agent/MIH set supported_query_type_    1    ;#0x1: TLV
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:58:Agent/MIH set es_timeout_              0.5
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:59:Agent/MIH set cs_timeout_              0.5
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:60:Agent/MIH set is_timeout_              1
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:61:Agent/MIH set retryLimit_              3
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:198:    set ag [new Agent/MIHUser/IFMNGMT/MIPV6]
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:203:Agent/MIHUser/IFMNGMT instproc attach-nd { nd } {
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:208:# Install and return the MIH module in the given node
ns-hsntg-nist.tcl:210:    set ag [new Agent/MIH]

common/packet.h :


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