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iQoder 07-16-2009 08:12 AM

pmap or /proc/<pid>smap or /proc/<pid>/status
Hey guys, i'm new here in the forums and to linux as well, I hope this is the right section to ask my question if not then I apologize and would be grateful if it is moved to the right section.

Okay i'm trying to create a small script as part of my application, i'm trying to get accurate memory information in terms of memory consumption PURELY from the process itself EXCLUDING any shared libraries and etc that are loaded.

I have used pmap, smap from /proc and status from /proc.

I get varying answers and not sure which to take, for example pmap and /proc/<pid>/status give same virtual memory but slightly differ on the private and shared memory information.

smap is quite extensive and i'm not which part to interpret and count for getting the private non-shared memory.

So any help on these different values or if they mean different things or calculated different or anything like that would be helpful.

Also another question, if in my script i open up a file say for example a txt or even an xml file to write to, does the size of that file get counted towards the private non-shared memory space or?

Any help is greatly appreciated,
thank you.

iQoder 07-16-2009 07:32 PM

Any help anyone? Or could a moderator maybe move this to the programming section, maybe it's more suitable there?

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