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Infernal211283 03-30-2005 10:12 AM

plug in and view content of flash mp3 player

When i plug in a usb flash drive it's mounting is done through /dev/sda1...
i tried to plug in a usb flash mp3 player but was unable to mount it in the same manner, which seemed odd 'cause it cause as far as i know it works the same.
can you please tell me what is the device i should mount to view the player's content and how do i check which device represents which hardware?

Thank you.

jsutton 03-30-2005 03:12 PM

It would be nice if you could post what kind of player it is (brand, model, etc.) ;)

Infernal211283 03-31-2005 02:05 AM

I don't think it's relevant, cause usb flash drives use /dev/sda1 no matter what's the model...
but anyways:
iRiver IFP-795 512MB Flash Mp3 Player


Xaque208 04-10-2005 09:43 PM

Same issue
I have an iRiver ifp-795 512 MB player and it does not show up correctly and I do not know how to find the device name. I am running Slack 10, if I need to post output of anything please let me know. Thanks.

jsutton 04-11-2005 03:48 PM

either or both of you with the problem:

Could you post the output of the 'lsusb' command?

Sorry for the late reply; school has been rather busy lately, and I'm having a hard time keeping up.:study:

Xaque208 04-11-2005 03:58 PM

I think that I found the problem. I looked up the man page for mount and there were some interesting options that I could have applied, but it seemed that theo only one that I needed was user,rw.

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