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brjoon1021 07-25-2006 09:51 AM

playing DVD, CD and mounted & unmounted drive Q.
I started using PCLinuxOS a couple of weeks ago. When I first installed it an audio CD or DVD video or burned DVD with MP3's on it opened up Kaffeine. This worked well enough. I thought that I could improve the situation.

I did not.

I tried to make autoplay or autorun menus in KDE so that when I dropped a media in a menu would come up saying, "play with Amarok, play with XMMS, etc..." It did not work out that way. Also, now it does not autoplay an audio CD, I have to go the the desktop and click on it and follow the menu through to the app. that I want.

**** that was all background info. So, what I want is to have a properly mounted (or should it be unmounted?) DVD burner, a Sony 710, that when I drop in an audio CD, video DVD, or MP3 on CD or DVD that brings up a tailored menu offering to play the medium with the apps that I have installed. - How to edit the menu in either the PCLinuxOS control Center or KDE's control center has escaped me. - should I mount the DVD drive ? How can I check if it is DMA vs. PIO ?


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