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powadha 02-08-2005 04:54 AM

Website setup trouble
I'm trying to setup my server to run php-nuke. The install itself is not the problem more the 'howto set permissions and how to do it right'
My server is next to the client I use so (for now) I don't need ftp to upload files, I can do with fish (or putty) to get them to /var/www/html on the server.
Problem is that I can only upload files to /var/www/... if I'm logged into the server as root. I guess that can't be the right way, so I've setup a new user on the server simply called 'web' (bin/bash). If I log into the server as 'web' I get no write acces to /var/www/ How do I set this up or is it normal to do these tasks as root?
If setting up FTP (server can run FTP-server no prob) is an easier way, please tell me. In the near future more people will have to get acces to /var/www/ for uploading stuff so I need to get this down as well.

Any help or explanation on how to do this right on a linux server is very welcome since I'm clueless and just can't find it on google!


Crashed_Again 02-08-2005 09:22 AM

For security reasons, the files in /var/www can only be written to by root. What I do is just upload the files I need with my regular user account to /home/user and then log in as root and move the files from /home/user to /var/www/html.

It takes a little more work but I have root logins disabled via ssh. Another thing you could do, which I'm not sure how appropriate it is, is to change the group that /var/www/* belongs to. Then add your normal user account to that group so you have write access to the directories.

powadha 02-08-2005 11:01 AM

Thanx for clearing that up!
Whenever the time comes that other people upload stuff to the server using ftp, I need to finally copy it to /var/www/ I guess.
Well anyway I now know that using root to get the stuff installed is the right way.


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