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jmerriman 04-29-2001 08:09 PM

This message board seems to have a great deal of veterans of the PCTel driver installation process.

I have a PCTel (HSF) 56k modem installed in an AMR slot.

I'm just having a problem trying to figure out whether I'm wasting my time or not trying to get this to work. Several of the methods for using the PCTel driver that users have reported work do not specify what version of the PCTel drivers or which kernel they are using.

Could some of you who got their PCTel modems to work post their procedure, as well as which PCTel driver (including URL) and kernel version they're using? I will then take that info and post it on my site so newcomers don't have to sift through dozens of sites just to figure out where the hell to start.

Also I have a few questions:

1) What is the most recent/most compatible version of the PCTel driver?

2) Do any of the PCTel drivers support AMR modems? Do I need any other drivers to run a PCTel modem?

I borrowed an HCF modem from a friend which I used with Windows 2000 because I get about half the latency with that modem than I do with my PCTel. From what I hear it's even more difficult to try and get the Rockwell HCF modem to work.

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jmerriman 04-30-2001 07:20 PM

I reinstalled linux using kernel 2.2.18 and grabbed some binary-only drivers written for 2.2.16. Module went in just fine. Setserial refused to change the info for /dev/ttyS15 so I configured /dev/ttyS3 to point to my AC97 communication controller (the modem part, my modem is installed in an AMR slot btw).

Opened up kppp. Device was busy. Damnit... going to look for a different driver. I've got kernel 2.2.18... anyone else who has this kernel version get it to work? If so post a url to the driver and the instructions you followed go get it to work.

CragStar 05-01-2001 04:49 AM

How did you try to change the irq and port for setserial? I have managed to get the driver working but not for an AMR slot (PCI).

The driver which I used was from:

Although I can get my modem to dial out I still have a problem logging into an ISP which suggests that the driver isn't complete.

If you goto the part where you can download the driver it says it is for AMR modems as well.

I wouldn't bother trying the HCF cus I don't think that there are any drivers for it at all.

jmerriman 05-01-2001 09:59 PM

I downloaded the driver at the URL you posted and compiled it. Everything installed all nice and clean... no errors whatsoever.

However I'm having trouble with setserial.

#. rm /dev/ttyS15
#. mknod /dev/ttyS15 c 62 79
#. setserial /dev/ttyS15 port 0xe800 irq 5 skip_test
Cannot set serial info: Operation not permitted

Why is this? Nobody else seems to have had problems with this. I'm certain this info is right. I got it straight from the PCI info tab in KDE config. AC97/modem on irq 5


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