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ubume2 09-23-2009 10:17 AM

PCLinuxOS MiniMe keyboard shortcuts
I am an Ubuntu user and used to the sudo system in Ubuntu. I am not accustomed to switching user to operate as non-root.

I was in "root" under MiniMe and set up keyboard shortuts i e Alt+s runs seamonkey.......etc.

They work okay running as root. Those keyboard shortcuts do not work if I switch to my user name and operate as non-root.

If I set them up under my user name, they do not work in root.

Is there a way to universally set up keyboard shortcuts?

Update: If I allow user to operate as root, I can create shortcuts as user. It would be necessary for root and each user to setup their own shortcuts,so this thread is solved.

Thanks for your help.

archtoad6 11-12-2010 11:46 AM

Thanks for posting the solution. That's the LQ spirit.

A suggestion for the future: If you answer your own question, put the solution in a separate post; this does 2 good things:
  • It generates e-mail to anyone who subscribed to either the thread or the forum.
  • It avoids the creation of oxymoronic 0-reply solved threads.

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