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mbvpixies78 11-19-2007 08:54 PM

pclinuxos 2007 no longer boots, stuck in grub after freeze and hard reset
I know next to nothing about linux and tried pclos 2007 and was using firefox and amarok at same time (I have 500 MB RAM and an Athlon XP 2100+) and everything froze for some time. The cursor still moved but nothing happened when trying to click. I hit the power button (I only first heard about ctrl alt delete just now) and pclos began to boot and I hit the esc key to watch what was happening and it stopped, recommended I use some command that began with an "f" and when I typed that, nothing happened. I rebooted and it went into grub, saying kernel needed to be loaded before booting and when I typed kernel it said: "Error 1: filename must be either an absolute pathname or blocklist". When I type pwd it doesn't recognize the command so I'm not sure how to locate the kernel if that's what it's asking.

I had Win XP on there first and added pclos. Win XP still boots ok (that's what I'm using right now), and the sizes of the partitions I created in pclos appear to be the same as seen through windows. I have two hard drives-- 120 GB and a 60 GB, Windows is on the larger on and I believe all but the latest partition I tried creating to expand my home directory are there as well. It created the new partition but did not "map" my home directory to it, so my space problem (8 GB for pclos and 23 GB for the home dir, both almost completely full already) hasn't gone away, and is now added to by a non-booting os. I don't know if they're related.

At my disposal I have a PCLinuxOS 2007 liveCD and also a "System Rescue" CD I made anticipating this sort of thing but I have no idea how to use the thing once it's loaded.

Would it be possible, easier or make more sense to install a new linux distro over this broken one, without losing my music files? Is it possible to transfer any part of this broken pclos install into a new openSUSE or Mandriva install?

Help? Thanks.

syg00 11-20-2007 05:53 PM

That command was probably "fsck" - you should have been given enough info in the messages to make it work.
Sounds like a corrupted filesystem.

If you are comfortable with PCLOS, use that. Fire up the CD, logon as root, and open a terminal. "fdisk -l" (lower case ell, as in list) will show all your partitions.
Before you start, you might want to check your music is o.k. - from the start button, go System > Media (something like that - I'm not a KDE user). You should be able to double-click to see your data - might be an idea to copy it off to your new disk.
If you can't get into it, that might be broken as well.
Right-click the icon for any disk you looked at and unmount it/them.

Back to the terminal, then "fsck /dev/hda?" for the partitions you are worried about. Start with the root for PCLOS at least. Be aware that this may break the system, rather than fix it - not likely, but possible. May also break grub - again not likely.
Then do the home partition.

Then try a re-boot.

mbvpixies78 11-21-2007 03:38 PM

I installed Mandriva and was forced to choose the same /home dir, and when it booted up, it had all my bookmarks and settings from the crashed pclos installation. I'm having problems getting backula to work (where the hell's the executable??)-- will start a new thread for this since it's no longer a boot proble. Thanks for your help.

mbvpixies78 02-15-2013 11:18 PM

Epitaph on a failed relationship
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