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Emmanuel_uk 04-21-2005 02:45 AM

path in services wrong for clamav updated frm 0.75 to 0.80 usr/bin vs usr/local/bin

I have upgraded clamav from 0.75 to 0.80. Now I have 2 coexisting versions of clamav.
0.75 leaves in usr/bin as installed from the mandy 10.1 CE
0.80 leaves in usr/local/bin after I used the tarball of version 0.80 (see below)
I would imagine the services (seen via xdrakservices or chkconfig --list) do not know about the recent install., that is the path they used is to the old
version of clamav.

My question is how do I correct the paths in all the rc.d.init scripts Kxxclam Sxxclam?.
Surely I do not need to do this by hand for each script?

You are going to say do ./configure --pathblabla= /usr/bin
Make install
so the install goes in usr/bin instead of the default usr/local/bin

Well, I want to learn how to deal with script for the services (reason 1).
Reason 2 is that ./configure --pathblabla= /usr/bin create a new problem:
Configure work ok, but then when I use checkinstall to create a rpm
of clamav 0.80 checkinstall fails because it tries to create a directory called "man" in usr/bin well this conflicts with the command man existing there.

The obvious solution maybe is not to create an rpm with checkinstall, and just force the install into /usr/bin. But I do not want to do that because then I would have no rpm.

What do you suggest to update the services?
By the way I am not too sure what happens to the daemon clamd
(is it the only service script that needs updating?)

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

PS: I am too newbee to try to create an rpm from scratch
but I can do CLI

Simon Bridge 04-21-2005 03:33 AM

ClamAV is a major project - in the absence of more direct assistance, have your tried looking through:

In particular:

...amongst others there. It seems that there should not be a problem as long as you are consistent in your installs and correctly configure the daemon via clamd.conf. I gather the software is supposed to live in /usr/local and the config files live in /etc - by the standard intallation.

i.e. 0.75 probably shouldn't have gone into /usr/bin ... presumably if you try to make an rpm via checkid for clamav 0.75 in /usr/bin you have the same conflict. However you should not have this trouble with the 0.8 in /usr/local/bin

so if you stick the software in /usr/bin anyway - then move the files you want to rpm to another directory? Remove/rename the executable "man" (which summons the man pages) and put it back when you've made the rpm ... that sort of work around ... presumably you are trying to make a binary rpm - so you need the executables, dependancies, and instructions of where the rpm has to put them.

But I havn't found anything consistent about upgrades - however I have not access to the mailing list, which is almost garanteed to have something.

Emmanuel_uk 04-21-2005 03:52 AM

Thanks for the suggestion.

I had a quick look in /etc/clamd.conf and at clamav.conf
to see if there was any path there. None I could tell were relevant
to my self inflicted upgrade. Maybe I need to look harder.

So I do not understand the relevance of node14 (location of configuration file)
for the services.

I have not contacted the mailist there because I think my problem
is more of a newbee style.

I will contact them if I do not get direct help from LQ users.

I forgot to state the default ./configure make make install works no problem,
that is it get compiled and so on, but not in the right directory


Emmanuel_uk 04-22-2005 02:02 AM

where is the path to update, in the services?
I have learned something:
drakrpm does remove and create the service entry in rc.d/init.d
when clamav-0.75-1mdk.rpm is removed/installed.

So no wonder my home made rpm with checkinstall does
not do the service entry.

I think I know understant how not have to change all Kxxclamd and Sxxclamd
at all level. I would only change it in rc.d/init.d and then
do a chkconfig --optionnameIcannotrememberbutIknowit levelnumbers servicename

Had a good look at the conf files clamav.conf and clamd.conf
No path in there relevant to my install problem.

still looking for where/what path I need to update for
- clamd
- clamav-milter


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