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hongman 07-11-2005 06:14 AM

Password reset
Hi all

I have been presented with this situation.

I have a Linux Server (running SuSe 8.2) that has a database on it. However, another company installed it and there are no records of any passwords.

I tried following instructions for using the Suse install disk, and resettign that way, but each time I boot up it has reverted any changes I made. ???

I also tried hitting ESC @ Grub, and entering the text mode. E to edit the line starting 'Kernel' and adding 'single' to the end of it. Upon booting, it still asks for the root password.

There are 4 other users set up on this box, one of which has admin rights.

Any ideas?



musicman_ace 07-11-2005 06:24 AM

Boot the gentoo minimal live CD.
create a mount point (/mnt/suse)
mount all partitions under /mnt/suse
chroot /mnt/suse /bin/bash
env-update && source /etc/profile

Now you have your suse environment and you are logged in as root. type passwd to change your password.

umount all partitions

hongman 07-11-2005 06:46 AM

I just had a thought. I think the root account maybe disabled.

So, basically, IF the root acc is disabled, and I dont know any other passwords, can this be done??

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