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gregonite 10-11-2003 04:31 PM

Password Protected rar files on Linux Mandrake 9.1
I am a complete far been trying to figure things out for myself but I am still have problems with rar files.

I have a rar file (G.rar) that I want to extract. It opens in File Roller, but does not extract because it is password protected. When I go to help it says only zip files support the password option.

so I tried downloading winrar for linux. I don't understand how to typ the commands.

I just want to extract G.rar to the same directory so I typed:

[gergey@sympatico GoodByeLenin]$ unrar -e -p[password] G.rar /home/gergey/downloads

UNRAR 3.20 freeware Copyright (c) 1993-2003 Eugene Roshal

Cannot open /home/gergey/downloads.rar
Usage: unrar <command> -<switch 1> -<switch N> <archive> <files...>
<@listfiles...> <path_to_extract\>

e Extract files to current directory
l[t,b] List archive [technical, bare]
p Print file to stdout
t Test archive files
v[t,b] Verbosely list archive [technical,bare]
x Extract files with full path

- Stop switches scanning
ad Append archive name to destination path
ap<path> Set path inside archive
av- Disable authenticity verification check
c- Disable comments show
cfg- Disable read configuration
cl Convert names to lower case
cu Convert names to upper case
dh Open shared files
ep Exclude paths from names
f Freshen files
idp Disable percentage display
ierr Send all messages to stderr
inul Disable all messages
kb Keep broken extracted files
o+ Overwrite existing files
o- Do not overwrite existing files
ow Save or restore file owner and group
p[password] Set password
p- Do not query password
r Recurse subdirectories
ta<date> Process files modified after <date> in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
tb<date> Process files modified before <date> in YYYYMMDDHHMMSS format
tn<time> Process files newer than <time>
to<time> Process files older than <time>
ts<m,c,a>[N] Save or restore file time (modification, creation, access)
u Update files
v Create volumes with size autodetection or list all volumes
ver[n] File version control
vp Pause before each volume
x<file> Exclude specified file
x@ Read file names to exclude from stdin
x@<list> Exclude files in specified list file
y Assume Yes on all queries
[gergey@sympatico GoodByeLenin]$


I also tried this as root. All I get is this long list of commands. What should I be typing in order to unrar a password protected rar file. Is there any way I can get file roller to work? Are there any other ways to do it?

Thank you :)

TheOneAndOnlySM 10-11-2003 05:53 PM

if u know the password for the rar file and file-roller doesn't open it, if u have a windows partition available, unrar it in there

or better yet, install wine and install winrar with that, it if almost fully functional and unrars just as fast as in windows (gui and all)

maxfacta 01-23-2005 07:40 AM

Remove the - from the e. For unrar, e is the command rather than a switch.


unrar e -p[password] G.rar /home/gergey/downloads

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