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DaddyBad 09-07-2004 09:22 PM

password failures on samba access
Newly installed FC2. My samba shares are visible from my W2k laptop, but when asked for the username and password, the windoze dialog sez, "Incorrect password or unknown username for ...". I tried changing encrypt passwords from yes to no in /etc/samba/smb.conf,
but no juice. Any other suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

Samba -- smbd version 3.0.6-2.fc2
netbios -- Netbios nameserver version 3.0.6-2.fc2

This isn't rocket science. It works just fine on my RH9 box.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


odious1 09-07-2004 09:27 PM

someone has to ask the silly obvious question. did you establish local (useradd) and smb (smbpasswd) credentials?

DaddyBad 09-07-2004 09:41 PM

Yes. I think so. The user is me, as I exist on FC2. I don't know about smb credentials.
I never had to do that under RH9. Tell me more...


caid 09-07-2004 11:42 PM

i'd imagine odious1 is right - sounds like you have to use smbpasswd to (strangely enough) set your samba password.


# smbpasswd -a username password


DaddyBad 09-08-2004 02:21 AM

Yes! that was it. smbpasswd. I guess it happened auto-magically on RH9.

Thanx for all your help.

umm... what's checkinstall?


caid 09-08-2004 02:34 AM

not a problem ;)


ps. checkinstall is a nice little program that you can use to "make install" when you're compiling a program from source. It'll create an RPM/Slack/Debian package so you can keep track of the program with your usual package management system i.e. easily uninstall/upgrade it.

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