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Kryptos 12-04-2007 07:07 AM

Partitions Suggestion
Hi everyone,
Considering that we want install another OS (Linux Fedora 8) and there are 15 GB available to distribute among the partitions /, /usr, /usr/local, /home and /var (the others are already determined - swap 2GB, /boot 100MB and /shared 5GB)what sizes do you suggest for the partitions referred? (the main function of this OS will be programming (to learn) and to explore databases, I will deal with Oracle and PostgreSQL).
I know I have been posting similar questions before but that my actual situation.
Please check this site:

Thanks in Advance.

lleb 12-04-2007 08:55 AM

well as 15G is not very much these days for the larger GUIs and other applications I would suggest the following:

/boot 128M
/swap 512M (if you are running 1G ram there is no need to have a swap any larger then 512M)
/ 10G
/home everything that is left on the drive

i have run out of room over the years with a / of only 6G so i have upped that to 10G and seem to be fine. that will leave just under 5G for your /home

no need to create /usr or /usr/local unless you are running multiple Linux distros on the same HDD.

good luck.

Kryptos 12-05-2007 02:13 AM

Hi Lleb.
Thank you.
I did an experience before you post and I used 7GB for / and 3GB for /home, and I created a shared partition with 5GB. With the installation I am using almost 6GB of the / partition. If I need to install something larger than 1 GB where the program will be installed? Can it go to the /shared or /home partition? I used LVM, considering that I have the /shared partition can I decrease /home and make grow /?

Thanks Again.

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