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Michael Wright 01-14-2006 09:15 PM

Partition scheme for cpanel. ?
Hi Folks

I'm running fedoracore 4 on my mechine witch is an acer aspire 3610, I've got 80 gb hdd, 512 DDR and a 2.6 cpu chipset. how do i do this in fedoracore 4 ? not sure on how i can set this up

The following partition scheme is recommended:

NOTE: Different partition schemes are suitable for different types of hosting. Some servers may require space to be allocated in different ways than others. This recommended scheme is an attempt to provide enough space for many different types of hosting but it is no substitution for real world experience. This partition scheme may need to be varied to suit the needs of your specific setup.

/boot 35 Megabytes (Mb)

/usr 4096+ Mb (If you have a 60 gig drive try 6144 for /usr, 8192 if you have an 80 gig drive, etc.)

/var 1500+ Mb

/tmp 512+ Mb

/ 1024 Mb

/home grow to fill disk

swap 2x memory size

NOTE: The "/tmp" directory is a special directory that is required to be writeable by all users and processes on the system. In general, directories that are writable by all users and processes are cause for security concern, however this directory is a special case. To minimize any security impact as a result of having an unsecured "/tmp" directory, it is recommended that "/tmp" be mounted on a seperate partition in order to take advantage of the "no exec" option available under both Linux and FreeBSD. If a separate mount point exists for "/tmp", then the installer will verify and potentially remount the partition with the "no exec" option. Additionally, the installer will ensure that the sticky bit is set on the directory and that the other permissions are correct. If "/tmp" is not mounted on a separate partition, the installer will create a file system disk image of 512 Mb and mount "/tmp" on the newly created disk image with the "no exec" directive. Under most circumstances, 512 Mb is sufficient for the "/tmp" partition; however, your system may require additional space. It is therefore recommended that you include a separate partition for the "/tmp" mount point (sized according to your size specification) prior to installing cPanel.

saman007uk 01-15-2006 04:59 PM

If you don't have anything important on the Feodra install, reinstall it again - during install it will ask you how you wish to partition the hard drive.

Trying to repartition (and seperating/merging partitions) an existing install can be very messy and time consuming.

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