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julian_s 04-02-2004 09:59 PM

Partition problem windows not booting "Invalid disk error"
I've got Mdk 9.2 and win Me installed on my machine, today I used Partition Magic 8.0 to make a shared FAT32 logical partiton, Partition Magic recommended to make the partiton before C: (where Win Me is installed on), so I did, It took abot 3 hours to complete the task because it had to move an resize the C: partition but when I rebooted and select windows i got "Invalid disk or disk error, please replace and press enter" then I tried using my win me boot disk and I could "look" at the data on the c drive (I mean A:\C: C:\ ) and also in linux i can look all the files on C.

I looked in Partition Magic user guide and it said that something like that could happen and that I had to run either from a dos prompt or with their rescue disks, the problem is that I don't have rescue disks or the PM CD, and when I did sys C: from the win ME boot disk it said that the system was recovered but then when i rebooted I got the exact same message.

From what I think this could something about the fact that some files need to be in the first sector of the disk, because win ME is still below the 1024 cylinder and the 2GB limits.

If you just could tell me how to delete the logical partition I think it would be just fine, anyway I would appreciate any help, cause I need to use some appz on windows with urgency

leonscape 04-02-2004 10:26 PM

Windows below 2K (95, 98, ME ) always need to be on the first partition. whether there on C or not makes no diffrence, If a Linux or other partition exists before them they will not work.

Try moving the partition back. Patition Magic advised you wrong, but the partition after ME.

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