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nuhn123 09-06-2003 09:07 AM

Partioning for linux
IM using mandrake 9.1 one IM giving its partition 10 gb, but what file system should I use ntfs or one of the linux ext, IM using partition magic 8.0 .

Evilone 09-06-2003 09:14 AM

Just leave it blank, linux will format it for you upon install !!

nuhn123 09-06-2003 09:17 AM

I have to pick one
does it really madder if its just going to format it anyway, cause Ive got to pick.

Evilone 09-06-2003 09:21 AM

No it does'nt , but i'd rather have linux do it for me it'self than let a windows app do it it's way round.

There's probably no difference, but i like to keep it in the family

nuhn123 09-06-2003 09:24 AM

cool thanx

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