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foamcuttersg1 06-06-2012 03:08 PM

Parallel port issue on Shuttle PC,s
Sorry I know I have been round this loop before but I now have tried three shuttle pc's all of which run foamworks on XP but none of which runs EMC2 on Lunux. I guess Linux doesn't configure it right to start with. I can now get into the HAL file and need to know what to do to bring the known good Parallel port into life when I install the hard drive containing the Linux O/S. I need to get the shuttle going as I now have a tower pc laying on its side under the lathe and the Shuttle will fit under so neatly.

theNbomr 06-06-2012 08:31 PM

I'll try to read between the lines here. You have a Linux PC with an application that wants to use a parallel port to control something that isn't a printer. Your parallel port works under Windws XP and some Windows application, so you know the hardware works.
I will hazard a guess that either the Linux driver for your parallel port doesn't allow you to do things with the port that isn't talking to a printer, or the software expects to be able to find a real honest-to-gosh PC architecture parallel port, and yours is of some other variety, like USB. Programs like that are never going to work with that kind of hardware. Its very possible that the hardware isn't even capable, no matter what driver software is crafted.
--- rod.

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