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empre55 03-18-2005 01:25 AM

Packet Filtering
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Hi everyone,

Here goes....

I am using Redhat 9.1 as a host for a virtual lan ( the host is connected to two XP machines (virtual) built in Vmware).

I am capturing packets sent from socket programs (port 2000) on the virtual XP machines through the lan and sending it to a simulator running on the Linux Machine.

Problem: I need to block the original packets and allow only the duplicates.

I tried to use ip_tables but couldn't really understand it ...(truth is i am afraid to mess up)

any suggestions....

Setup :
Virtual XP (vmware)<====Linux host =====> Virtual XP (vmware)
| |
\ /
NS2 simulator

the simulator NS2 is on linux host

PLEASE any suggestions will be helpful... my thesis depends on it...
Thanks in advance.

odious1 03-20-2005 09:10 AM

there are many packet manipulation tool available using iptables. i guess i am not clear about what exactly you are trying to acomplish, sorry. if you could help me understand i am sure we could come up with a rule.


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