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Fried 03-25-2001 06:56 PM

Help, I'm frustrated to the point of abandoning Operation Linux. I installed and am using Caldera Open Linux 2.4. It works great, now I need to install netraider so I can remove Netscape. I went to work, used the company box with DSL to quickly download to a floppy. Then took the floppy home. Now I have a zipped floppy with Netraider and I can't get it to the RPM so I can install it. I've RTFM, 3 different ones, and can't get anything to work. If I can't manipulate files the Linux becomes useless and I may have to return to using products from the evil empire :-(

trickykid 03-26-2001 06:40 AM

Where are you downloading netraider from? I went to their website and they only have tar.gz packages, not RPM. They also stated that you needed QT 2.2.2 or better, if your not sure if you have it, try going here:

But if your downloading the package from here:, they don't have any RPM packages from their site as far as I know, only standard tar.gz.

Also you should have any trouble downloading from home, it is only about a meg in size, even a standard 28.8 modem could do that in at least 5 minutes.

If you need any other help, feel free to email me... I am going to try and download it myself once at home tonight, see if it actually isn't the download or anything.

trickykid 03-26-2001 10:49 PM

Go here:
This will download the ready made binary for Linux. It is not RPM but in tar.gz, it should be easier for you to install.

First: # tar-xzvf /netraider-shared-0.0.2.tar.gz

Then # ./netraid

That should do it for you on installing Netraid.

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