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JockVSJock 11-10-2014 11:14 AM

Outdated McAfee DATs on Red Hat Linux Machines
I've taken over for a sys admin who has been gone for a few months.

I've started to update the McAfee anti-virus, however I'm wondering if there is a command to see/view the version/date of the McAfee DAT file?

I'm guessing that its going to be a few months old, will there be a problem with updating such an older file with a newer file. Or am I'm overthinking this and just approach like a Windows user would and just click update?

Also, can anyone recommend any McAfee CLIs?

I found this website

And under /etc/init.d/cma I can run the normal start/stop/status commands along with the MAN page.


Habitual 11-10-2014 11:33 AM

clicking "update" has always been a painless affair.

JockVSJock 11-10-2014 11:56 AM

Painless for those that run KDE/Gnome or whatever GUI.

However this is all CLI.

Habitual 11-10-2014 12:04 PM

Yeah, "Pointy Clicky" types, go figure ;)

DAT version:

/opt/NAI/LinuxShield/bin/nails --version
Getting new DAT files:

Hope that helps.

JockVSJock 11-10-2014 12:48 PM

Ya, my McAfee doesn't fall under that path. Mine looks like this:


Under /etc/init.d/ I have the service cma.

Is there another place where to check the date on dat file?

JockVSJock 11-20-2014 12:19 PM

I've updated my .dat files on my Linux servers.

You can run the following command to confirm the date/time stamp of the .dat file


[username@machine ~]$ sudo uvscan --version
[sudo] password for user:
McAfee VirusScan Command Line for Linux32 Version:
Copyright (C) 2009 McAfee, Inc.
(408) 988-3832 LICENSED COPY - April 12 2010

AV Engine version: 5400.1158 for Linux32.
Dat set version: 7626 created Nov 18 2014
Scanning for 670576 viruses, trojans and variants.

Under Red Hat Linux 5.x/6.x you can also look under /usr/local/uvscan and see where the .dat files live.

JackG058 01-08-2015 04:53 PM

The service "cma" is the McAfee agent for communication with the ePO server. The /opt/NAI/ is the path for the LinuxShield product.

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