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digital8doug 11-16-2006 08:40 PM

oSUSE ( not letting me see any Mandriva2007 (2.617.5) partitions
Allowed DrakX partitioner default use of free space, I did not custom resize or share swap or /home partitions with openSUSE10.1 remastered, which I am using now on my NB/LT.
M$xpPROsp2 Disk Management shows that the new install of Mandriva2007 used all free and formed partitions 6.25, 1.26. 3.88 GB. M07 default BootLoader was LILO which I was able put in boot sector of / partition (vs MBR or Other).
M07 is not a choice for boot/loading of course! I guess I need to edit grub.conf?

Ran Konqueror / My computer in oSUSE, it does not show any of the Man 07 parts. Was Not able to see which format used by default.

fdisk -l appears OK, partition table entries are not in disk order, as M07 Start End data sda11, 12, 13 fits between sda6 & sda7, since it was formatted later.
*!* 17 Nov edit section *!*

Guess I must mount the M07 parts before oSUSE will recognize, or is the kernel difference a cause of not being able to see or access other Linux parts?

camorri 11-17-2006 01:20 PM

Yes, all you should need to do is mount the partitions. If you want to mount them any time you boot Suse, edit fstab and make an entry for / and /home.

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