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lummer 05-03-2001 03:35 PM

apologies if this is the wrong group for this question, but I am a newbie.

I am trying to install the macromedia flash plugin to opera 5.0Lb8 and after creating /usr/lib/opera/plugins and extracting the required two files to it, nothing seems to happen and i still cannot view flash movies.

any help is greatly appreciated.

matt 08-05-2001 12:59 PM

I'm having the same problem. Flash works in Netscape, but it's slow as a dog and Opera is just superior in every other way except this flash thing. I put a request in to Opera support, and will let you know if anything comes up.


ttaylor 08-09-2001 11:31 AM

Opera 5 for linux apparently doesn't support Flash.

go here

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