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tkt 11-02-2006 01:37 AM

Openvpn error or routing error?

I have recently implemented OpenVpn using tun mode. The scenario is like this. There are two LAN, namely LAN A and LAN B. I set up OpenVpn server in LAN A and OpenVpn client in LAN B. I used tun mode and configured ccd to route and broadcast LAN A to host behind OpenVpn client. Hosts behind OpenVpn client manage to ping to any host in LAN A, but OpenVpn server couldn't even ping to ethernet interface of OpenVpn client and just managed to ping to VPN interface.

Port forwarding has been enabled for both OpenVpn server and client.

Is there anyway to solve? If OpenVpn server manages to ping to OpenVpn client's ethernet interface, I believe the issue should be able to solve.


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