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jenser2 05-20-2008 07:53 AM

Opensuse frozen after Yast Online Update
Hi guys,

so I did my first YOU since I installed OpenSUSE 10.3 a few months ago. There were lots of recommended and security updates, so I went ahead and installed them all. Set YOU off, didn't take note of what was being installed and didn't watch it happening. Big mistake, won't be doing that again!

When I rebooted my laptop after all the updates, the desktop came up as usual, but then the system froze. Cursor doesn't respond to touchpad, and when it went to screensaver none of the keys bring up the log in window, so it's not just the touchpad.

I can boot in safe mode, but don't know how to roll back the updates. I came across some commands (rug and rug*) to look for checkpoints, etc, but my system doesn't seem to have them.

Any help appreciated.


ronlau9 05-20-2008 10:39 AM

My first impression is that there was also a update for you,re Graphic cart because failsafe mode is working, you
can try this by starting yast 2 > monitor and graphic card it will probe again you monitor and graphic card.
If the settings a are oke save it.
You can also try to see if the package dependencies are ok by starting up software management and do the check
I never try in the failsafe mode to use software management to delete the new install package and replace it with the old ones
because most of the old package must be downloaded from suse server may be not if you used the DVD version
It would be very help full if you can supply us with the error messages
If you have done all the checks try the command startx

all the best

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