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Eultza 09-06-2003 11:33 AM Calc printing problems
Hi, I'm having some trouble printing MS Excel spreadsheets under RH9 Linux and Calc v. 1.0.2. I have a HP DeskJet 932C Printer connected via USB; I have CUPS configured correctly to the best of my knowledge, but when I print a MS Excel spreadsheet, it seems to print a lot bigger than it should be and usually of one part of the spreadsheet. For example, I'm trying to print a contact list and when I print, I only get the top right corner of the list in a very large size. I try shrinking it to 40% or so and it comes out the same. When I print the same spreadsheet in MS Excel (I dual boot), it comes out perfectly fine.

I'm a linux newbie - although I started using linux 3 and half years ago, I never really caught onto it. Now I'm really addicted and refuse to return to windows unless I have to. I have yet to install WINE, but I will when I have the time. I absolutely despise Microsoft and its Windows (even though I do have a microsoft optical mouse that I like a lot). From a brief scan at this site, I would say that users here are generally helpful and a friendly lot. I hope I can become a part of this community; thanks for any help that I can receive in my time here.

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