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Ceyarrecks 01-31-2006 09:13 PM

Open VI?
I am having a difficult time finding how to OPEN a file already created with the command "vi BusinessAssociates"

I see I have a file by the name BusinessAssociates.swp.
in attempting to open in the way that rather made sense:
"vi BusinessAssociates.swp"

renders me this:

[root@Home-1 temp]# ls -a
. .. .BusinessAssociates.swp .BusinessAssociates.swp.swp
.PeronalAssociates.swp .swo .swp
[root@Home-1 temp]#

so exactly how does one *open* said file?

or does the . that proceeds the file name need to be included?


(yes, i know i am shown logged in as root, was on purpose for the task attempted)
also, if important or not, am using Fedora Core 4

microsoft/linux 01-31-2006 09:28 PM

yes, the '.' in front needs to be included. The '.' makes the file hidden, so if you just type

vi BusinessAssociates.swp
it'll open a new file.

DarkElf109 02-01-2006 01:23 AM

If all you have are swp files, which are used for when vi crashes, you may not be using vi properly. To exit vi, the command :q is given. To save, :w . To quit and save, :wq , and to quit WITHOUT saving is :q! (yes, include the '!'). By using these instead of whatever you were using before, you'll get proper saves of your files.

sohny 02-01-2006 04:37 AM

yes there are only swap files there . wat u can do is open tat swap in this way

vi .BusinessAssociates.swp

then when vi opens, type the following

:w BusinessAssociates

the colon is important

that will save the file in the way u want

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