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bigjohn 10-04-2003 04:34 PM

Open Office 1.1 - Probably stupid question

Having downloaded, I have managed to install it.

The only rather minor problem, is how in hell's name do I use it.

I can't work out how to start any of the applications, I can't seem to work out how to open any of the help files so they can be read.

Does anyone know what the hell I'm doing wrong ?



p.s. Also, I don't seem to be able to do the normal "link to application" via the desktop either! :confused:

carlywarly 10-04-2003 04:38 PM

You should have a directory OpenOffice.org1.1.0 in your home directory. Inside, there is a file called soffice. Link to that file, and OO will run. I'm assuming you ran the setup program with the -net switch, to do a network installation.

bigjohn 10-04-2003 05:05 PM

Cheers Carl,

Found it. Though it does seem a little strange that the "start" facility is in such an obscure location.

Still thanks again



carlywarly 10-05-2003 02:22 AM


Have you noticed how blindingly fast it is to open, compared to the previous version?

bigjohn 10-05-2003 05:56 AM

Yeah, seems to go straight into default options i.e. new->whatever etc etc

Also it's a shame that they haven't set it up so you can have links to individual elements "a la msoffice".

I mean, the majority of users are going to use the word proc' and maybe spread sheets. I find the contrast to msoffice confusing.

Also, I had to dig around at kde-look to find some icon's to be able to link it in an "aesthetically pleasing" way.

But I suppose that if that's all I can find to moan about (at the moment), then it's pretty bloody good.

Now all I've got to do is to do the install all over again in my knoppix/debian hd installation. Humpf!



rahulsundaram 10-05-2003 11:52 PM


most users will not bother downloading. they will get with their distro and i hope they bundle it properly with good looking icons. have fun

rahul sundaram

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