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terran261 05-13-2007 08:27 PM

OO Writer Starts at Boot
I recently upgraded to 7.04 Ubuntu, and have been quite happy with it overall. However, at boot Open Office Writer starts automatically, with a blank page ready for use. This wouldn't be a problem except this makes the computer unusable for about 5 minutes as I am using old hardware and Xubuntu. Anybody know how to make this stop? (I have checked things like .Xsession and other ~/home .-name files, so I don't know why it is starting)


tredegar 05-14-2007 04:38 AM

This is probably because you have configured your "session manager" to resume from a previously saved session: So it resumes Oo, because that's what you were running.

I am using KDE and the option is under K -System Settings -KDE Components -Session Manager -Select "Start with empty session" rather than "Restore previous session". There'll be something similar for gnome, but you'll have to search for it.

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