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On and off Linux user needs some help, TL:DR 2800+ Words

I have tried several Linux DVDs on my PC with much frustration, I have tried writing BSD with Win32DiskImager.9.5. as well as Linux ISO's with Rufus in both final write and normal mode, I have tried to boot more then just the Linux's listed below. I have spent all week testing things out and I am getting to the point I want to give up. This is a bit of the story: Warning this gets long, 2800+ word long!
Linux Mint18 Cinnamon64Bit: No Notes Just from memory.
I set up a LVM With encryption, I used a long Alpha Numeric, with a few Special characters. I used entire disk. I loved how out of the box some of my favorite shortcuts (meta only for menu, Meta+E for File explorer, meta+D, for show/hide desktop). Overall Cinnamon worked well, but I had a few issues. It seemed limited in ability. The Binary Codex pack did not let me choose which parts I wanted. (I do not want FLASH!), so I would have had to install codex for each program individually. H256 or whatever the codec is call, for palemoon, firefox, Chromium, for example, playing YouTube. Same with VLC and Clementine player. No Wobbly Windows. :-( Could not find a way to uninstall Flash without getting rid of the codecs pack. I also do not like the fact that it is built on top of Ubuntu a OS I ideologically hate! I have tried Mint in the past, pre 14, as well as 17.3KDE, and had little issues then. I had to remove Linux from my laptop because it has a issue were the CPU will not throttle up without TechPowerUp-ThroutleStop. So I started using Win10 on it. I mainly use my desktop so I want to put Linux on it.
I started to customize it and add more programs, using apt-get for programs I knew off the top of my head, updating, and using the software manager for finding apps I could not think of off the top of my head. I tried to install KDE then logoff.. This is when the Issues started. The log in screen was fuzzy pixilated green yellow and blue, and had no log in box. I could not do anything and was forced to do a hard restart on my PC. When I booted back up into the disk unlock encryption screen, entered the correct PW, then I got lots of weird errors/issues. Not sure if it was due to the KDE install or just due to some bug in LVM or maybe the hard reset? A computer should be able to recover from a hard-reset. I only use them when the computer freezes! So please don't say: Well never hard reset your computer that will mess up your computer at times. I was not about to trust the new Mint to keep me happy after it just epic failed with default repos in the first day of use!!!! Mint failed me for the first time. Not cool at all!
OpenSuse 42.1 Leap. I was VERY impressed with the installer, the only issue I had was with the partition wizered. It seemed a bit lacking. But overall it reminded me of my happy experience with FedoraCORE (I think it was V7._), It let ME decide what I wanted to include. It let me have many DE's to play with and mix up my computing experience in the same OS. I love options! When I got to the KDE desktop everything was nice and smooth, but I had to download AlSA options and play around with the sound system a bit before I could get sound playing through my DAC. No big deal, a bit of a Con but not something I look down on the OS for. (Even in windows I had to DL custom drivers ext) But other Linux's were able to play with my DAC out of the box. During setup I did not choose BETA/Unstable drivers. (Note this for later in the SUSE story), I downloaded all my apps via Zypper and trying out YaST repo/software tools. Steam and a couple others asked for Pacman repo, and some other repo. I used them. Did not add a SUSE Bata repo at this time ether. I loved the fact that it came with Zen. (I had not tried it out as a dom0 yet but was going to get to that) Steam let me play HL2 at ~200FPS at 1440P with no issues other then a little bit of micro stutter when I first started playing it, with open default drivers! It went away after a bit. I may have messed up trying to install Frgxl(Dislexia me think, the AMD Suit for R9 2__ cards.) This I think is were it auto added the Bata Repo! (I do not like my OS doing things without me wanting it to do said thing, one reason I have the love/HATE relationship with Windows, and dislike(No love only hate) OSX yasomate and El capiton (EL Crapiton is a nightmare of suck BTW No reason why firefox with less then 20tabs should be using more then 1GB! Ext. And on and on...). Mac Softwere can suck my balls. The Macbook pro I tried had nice battery life/screen/BIOS/Touchpad, so the hardware seemed nice. If they ever decide to make the inside upgradable I might buy one in the future to put linux on. I had restarted my computer at least once before having issues. I did not use Encryption even though I would like to, just to make sure the OS was good before playing with it.
Issues start! YaST is slow as Molasses for no good reason! Some how, SUSE decided that I would love to try out the 42.2BATA1 for no good reason. I seen the update manager in the corner had 2000+ packages needing updated so I let it do its thing instead of doing, "zypper up". Anyway next thing I know I have a BATA version of a so called stable workstation OS!!!!!!!!!! No clue why? I did not ever choose a BATA repo at anytime but it somehow got added. Not a clue! So much for my computer doing what I want not my computer telling me what to do RMS! :-)
I could not get AMD proprietary drivers working, something recommended I restart and then I get a lovely loading screen with black background and green mario style question-boxes. Then errors, it jumps me to the shell, linux26 (Used to work on old Linux distros I tried) did nothing. StartX came back with errors! So I try the USB flashdrive OpenSuse Repair, nothing happens. At this point I am seaving.... I turn off my computer and take a break. Wasted all day getting it to the way I like thought it was my ideal OS, but NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I come back to my computer after a calming hamburger, I try out PC-BSD, first BSD OS I tried, figured it might be fun to try out and maybe they will not have the same issues that I have had with Linux post Ubuntu. I get JFK not found in UEFI... CCB request Completed with an error... test media.
Ok, let me try something else
Fedora 24 KDE, I liked Fedora in the past so I figured maybe this would work well. In VM it seemed to work alright so I gave it a spin, no go: end kernel panic not syncing:VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)
I like the idea of using a stable OS so I figure I would Try Scientific Linux 7, would not even boot too a menu, just a back drop with no commands or menu options to start install/Repair/ext., next I try 6.8. It let me get through loading it up: Loved the super customize-able install and wish it would go even farther with letting me choose individual programs not just packs. Anyway used non-UEFI boot to get into installer. Used all default desktop packages +OpenAFS+Yum Repositories. In base system I added:
Backup client, compatibility Libraries, hardwere monitoring utilities, large systems performance, Networking tools, perl support, ruby support, scientific support, security tools.
Under Servers added:
System administration tools.
Under System management, I added system management.
Under Virtualization I added all. Under Desktops I added ICE-DE, KDE, Desktop.
Under Applications I added: Emacs, Graphics creation tools, Te support, technical writing.
More: Additional Development, Development tools, resilient storage. I also added Spanish and Russian languages.
I reboot for the moment of euphoria right? NOPE:
CPU1 not responding, CPU2 not responding, CPU3 not responding, CPU4 not responding, CPU5 not responding, CPU6 not responding, CPU7 not responding, CPU8 not responding
.... Reboots itself. AaaAAArruuuGGG.
Because I liked SUSE Leap so much, I figured maybe it is just because Leap is so new. I would try Tumbleweed. Loading linu(wow my X key just stopped working on my trusty MS 4000, sad I payed like 40$ for that in 2011, anyway this dell sucks balls my wrists are hurting already. Good excuse to get my ergodox programmed.)x, stops and freezes at 4%. I try it by booting the flash drive with UEFI, long wait on "loading initial ramdisk"... then it rushed by fast. I then get: "please make sure your installation is available. USB Keyboard stopped working so I used the dell to try choosing media drive. None of the options would work. I try it again in non UEFI, freezes this time at 54%, then "linux loading kernal" freezes at 5%, next at 69%, this time I waited a full 5min with no movement. Reboot, it finally lets me get to 99% loads the same screen as in UEFI but will not let me choose my drive for installation media, nor will the default net install URL work: "DHCP configuration failed".
I was able to get Debian working on my laptop and Debion although not my favorite OS, has worked for me in the pas, so I figured I would give it a try, this time with the net install version. NonUEFI boot: fail... broken badding line 71: can't create /var/run/console-device: nonexistent line 71: WC: Not found....
Over and over it kept repeating in terminal. Might not be in that order, I just wrote down what I could as it was scrolling past. Now I am typing it out on windows so I can ask about this stuff.
I restart: It freezes, I restart again: It freezes. I restart this time I choose graphical install, it goes to setup, Yay! I choose all files on one partition, entire disk. I also choose all items like KDE and server for core system. Used KDM for my display manager. It loads and gets done.
Happy Linux user? Not yet: I get nothing but a blinking curser. Try changing my UEFI settings in BIOS once, got frustrated even more.
A Call For HELP!

Figure it is time to ask you all for help. I am not sure if it is my brand new Samsung 850 EVO not working, maybe the failing MS keyboard was messing with something, maybe I need to choose IDE and not AHCI, maybe is some other BIOS option, Maybe it is Rufus or USB boot in general, maybe I just am cursed now? I never had issues with Linux back in like 2007. I loved FedoraCore~7, (The only reason I stopped using it was I wanted to play games a lot back then so it was just to much a pain to reboot every time I wanted to stop playing games.) Back when I had my good ol, Core2due, with ASUS Digital Deluxe mobo, 2GB core to due, and 8800Gts SC. Nor my AMD 1090T 16GB ram build with AMD HD5770, But I have had issues ever sense I got my HP, UltraBook, as well as with my I7 build I am ripping my hair out over.
Not sure if it just the computers I am using now or if linux has gotten WORSE sense 2007? No clue but I am sad, I used to be a nerd but am now 25, and I think I am starting to HATE computers. XP is gone, Win7 was ok, but I did not trust it, Windows Spywere V10 is even worse as far as trust goes. I have it modified, but I still get the feeling that I am being watched with proprietary software.
Overall I like the feel of win10 with Clasic shell for day to day stuff. But the fun is gone, I now spend most of my computer time browsing the web with a browser in 2 screens and music and other stuff in screen 1. It is a shame. I have a nice build and am not even using 10% of it. Just frustrated and would like help. Normally I try to figure things out on my own, but am just at my wits end. This will be my first computer related post ever in my life and I feel like a pleb, who might be out growing out of my inner nerd.
It sucks, because I am working on my Engineering degree, were I know my computer skills are going to need to continue to go up. (Matlab, Python, G, Simulations, CAD, NX, LaTeX, I should also learn how to use enterprise linux, and other such computer things. I am done trying things until I can get some advise on what I need to do to get a robust Linux/GNU system up and running on my workstation...
Why is there no 10GB+ Distros that have everything I might need, or want to play with? They had 5GB linux in 2006.
I want a system that I can run a bunch of programs, have fun on, try out new DM's/software. Does not spy on me, does not brake itself before it is even set up, does not treat me like a retard, lets me run multiple desktops on all 3 screens so I can have everything up like I want, lets me choose to boot it up in Dom0 like Leap seems to support:So I can run things like CAD in windows at the same time. Nice to haves would be: Resumes my programs in the same place I closed them in, Opens new windows in the same screen that my curser is in: Not on the default monitor. I have added my hardware and bios info below, and hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong, as well as tell me which Distro I should be leaning to. Thanks ahead of time for the help, I will be checking back several times a day this week.

Hardware being used:
EVGA Silent series Supernova 1000P PSU
ASUS P8Q77 Mobo
32GB (8x4) Gskilll 1600
R9 290 4GB
Drives listed under BIUS INFO>Boot Override
USB Hardware:
MS Ergo 4000 USB KB in Case USB
DELL PS2 Based Keyboard plugged in if there is an issue with USB KB
CST, 3button trackball with scroll wheel, into mobo directly
Toshiba 16GB USB for the mounting ISOs bluged into case USB port
Logitech G700s Dongal, into hub
USB3 Hub By Plugable
DAC by SCHIIT MODI2 UBER, into back off mobo
Other Outside Hardwere:
3x Catleap 2560x1440, 2X DVI, 1X using Active DP Adapter for DVI.
2 PowerBars plugged into wall same wall outlet.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
BIOS Information:
BIOS Version: 1302 x64 (08/06/2014)
ME Version:
South Bridge Stepping: C1
CPU Information:
Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @3.40GHz
Total Memory: 32768MB (DDR3)
Memory Frequency 1333MHz (it is actual 1600MHz DDR3 from G-Skill but the BIOS is dumb, it is on auto config and if I change it to manual and set it to 1600 the system will not boot.)
Ai Overclock Tuner:Auto
EPU Power saving Mode: Disabled
GPU Boost:OK
Dram timing control: All set to Auto or Enabled
CPU Ratio: Auto
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Tech: Enabled
Turbo Mode: Enabled
All Turbo: Mode Parameters: Auto
TPM Support: Disable
Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor: Enabled
Hyper-threading: Enabled
Active Processor Cores: all
Limit CPUID Maximum: Disabled
Intel Virtualization: Enabled
Hardware Prefetcher: Enabled
Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch: Enabled
CPU Ratio: Auto
Enhanced Intel Speedstep: Enabled
Turbo Mode: Enabled
CPU C1E, C3, C6 Report, Package C
State Support: All Auto
High Precision Timer: Enabled
ISCT Configuration: Disabled
SATA Mode Selection:AHCI
S.MA.R.T Status check: Enabled
Hot Plug for all drives: Disabled
Memory Remap Feature: Enabled
VT-d: Enabled
iGPU Primary Display:Auto
iGPU Memory:Auto
Render Standby: Enabled
iGPU Multi-Monitor
PCIEx16-1 Link Speed: Auto
CPU/MB Temp both +28C
CPU Volt = +1.176-1.192
3.3V= 3.36
12V +12.288V
Fast Boot: Disabled
Full Screen Logo: Disabled
Post Report: 5 Sec\
Bootup Numlock State: On
Wait for 'F1' If Error: Enabled
Option ROM Messages: Force BIOS
Interrupt 19 Capture: Disabled
Setup Mode: Advanced Mode
Launch CSM: Enabled
Boot Device Control: UEFI and Legacy OpROM
Boot from storage: Both, UEFI First, changed to UEFI first after the last Linux try out was installed (Debian) and booted to the blinking _, did not help, still blinks _.
Boot from PCIe/PCI Expansion devices: Legacy OpROM First.
Secure Boot: OS Type: Other OS
Boot Override:
P2: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB (476940MB)
P3: Toshiba MD04ACA500 (476907MB)
P4: Toshiba MD04ACA500 (476907MB)
P5: WDC WD3200AAJS-56M0A0 (304733MB)
P6: ST40000DM000-1F2168 (3815447MB)
TOSHIBA TransMemory (14891MB)
P1: SanDisk SDSSDA240G (240G (228936 MB)
Windows Boot Manager (P1: SanDisk SDSSDA240G
Hope I am just missing something little that I can change to make it so I can run a nice os like OpenSUSE/Fedora KDE/Debian/SL7.
If you think you know what I might be doing wrong or have a suggestion on an OS that would fit my needs I am all ears. Thank you.

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In one sentence, what do you want to do?
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Figure out how to get a KDE Linux working on my computer without failing.
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i will NOT read your original post, but i am willing to help if we concentrate on 1 distro, and you stick to facts, not journalism.
why not kubuntu?
and always start with the distro's own installation instructions & FAQ & wiki.
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So sad, it seems that when someone makes a short post they are asked for MORE detail. But I digress, it just seems like NO Linux distribution wants to work on my PC the way it is set up. Like I said in OP I have tried over 10 distributions this week and only got two to both install and start up. Of those two both had fatal errors in the same day. So I think maybe it is not the fault of 10 Linux ISO's: Way more likely that it is a fault in the way Rufus writes ISO's to USB, a hardware issue, or maybe something wrong with the way I have my BIOS set up. For example should I try it in IDE mode? I do not want an OS that treats me like a noob, I want an OS that will not fail. Linux mint failed, and that is considered one of the "noob friendly" ones. I would like to get something like Fedora/Scientific Linux/OpenSUSE/Debian running. (Needs to have KDE and Zen support and have a lot of tools for programmers/Engineers in the Repos/available.)
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I just tried changing to IDE mode in BIOS, the Debian install still boots to a blinking underscore.
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AHCI mode is correct. You are not trying to load distros that are older than your hardware, are you? Or, god forbid, you are no trying to load 32-bit OS?
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Just a point to the OP that Linux Mint 18 KDE is still in beta. I don't know how you tried to install KDE into a Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon setup (which is pretty inadvisable anyway - far better to install a KDE distro in the first place), but it was almost doomed to failure.

And why on earth did you even try out Mint if, as you say, "I also do not like the fact that it is built on top of Ubuntu a OS I ideologically hate!".

ondoho was correct, in my humble opinion. You need to slow down, take one distro that appears to meet your requirements before you start, and give it a real chance, coming on here for help for particular problems with that distro if need be.
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Originally Posted by OShopper View Post
So sad, it seems that when someone makes a short post they are asked for MORE detail.
I actually read the whole post ;-p Thanks for posting, but I agree that there's way too much nfo where it doesn't help ("journalism" as ondoho calls it) and way too little technical details where it matters. Also when you have settled for one distro don't go overloading it immediately with all sort of fun repos but first work through the basics like device support (basically all mainstream distros run modern kernels so should work if not exotic), then the "must haves" (like proprietary drivers?), and only then the "nice to haves". You seem technically minded enough to pull this off so just prioritize, focus on what needs to be done and pace yourself.
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So then does my BIOS seem set up right then? Yes I am using 64bit ISO's. Why would after install, Debian Linux boot into a blinking "_" there is not terminal to enter code, just blinks? So what type of technical detail would help? I listed the type distros I tried and the issues I had with them, as well as my hardware and BIOS setup.
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I tried to read your initial post but it is a mess, code and comments all together, why don't you use code tags? Anyhow, I'm guessing you are using Intel integrated graphics - this is key information missing. Also, you say Debian, can't see any reference to version. So I'm guessing again: the Debian version you are using is too old for your Intel graphics.
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I could install the 17.3 of Linux Mint, is that a good idea? I just liked the idea of using Fedora/Debian/OpenSUSE, better as it would let me use Linux as a Dom0 zen out of the box to host windows when I need to run it, without needing to reboot each time I switch tasks.
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"Hardware being used:
EVGA Silent series Supernova 1000P PSU
ASUS P8Q77 Mobo
32GB (8x4) Gskilll 1600
R9 290 4GB" The R9 290 from AMD is the GPU I am using. My I7 mobo/cpu/RAM predates all the ISO's I tried by several years. I might be able to change my GPU setting to block on-board from even being seen. (PCI-E GPU only in bios) Would that help any? Mint 17 KDE seemed to work well for my laptop, I liked it too. Might be what I try next if there is nothing to be done with the BIOS options. Would it help to try burning the ISO to DVD with ImgBurn instead of USB with RUFUS, or would that just be a waste of a good DVD-R?

Sorry about not using code tags in OP!

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So then the issue is with R9 290, I have no recent experience with AMD graphics, can't tell how to load correct driver.
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"Just a point to the OP that Linux Mint 18 KDE is still in beta. I don't know how you tried to install KDE into a Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon setup (which is pretty inadvisable anyway - far better to install a KDE distro in the first place), but it was almost doomed to failure."
I think you are right, that is were I messed up my mint. I was trying to install the Ubuntu version of KDE, I kind of thought it might not work, but I figured it would not brake Cinnamon. Oddly the Errors I got were along the lines of "Failed LVM file system" or such. I just remember how much fun it was on FedoraCore~7 to boot into a new DE every time I logged in. With that, I was able to figure out that I like KDE as my main, and LXDE as my back up/Light resource DE. The point of Linux is to be flexible, I do not get why mint would lock me into a single DE?


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