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vivek thullimalli 09-07-2017 12:54 PM

of_platform_populate() func failed to populate device tree nodes,

I am trying to port a dts file for arm1176 based custom SoC. But none of the device tree nodes is getting reflected during kernel (4.9.22 Raspberry pi) booting. But I am able to get into the file system. Upon debugging i encountered that the of_node_get() function (in file: drivers/of/dynamic.c) is returning me NULL. I feel because of this my device tree nodes are not getting populated from func. call of_platform_populate(). Upon enabling kobject debug, I have observed a huge dump of warnings ""kobject: 'xxx': is not ""initialized, yet kobject_get() is being " "called.".

What can be the issue? is this the one blocking the population of device tree nodes? Any suggestions will be highly helpful!

rtmistler 09-08-2017 07:41 AM

This seems like a programming forum question.

Have you modified code?

When you see something returning NULL and consider that a problem, add debug to that area to determine why it returned NULL.

For instance if you expect to get something from disk, memory, a list, or other resource and you get NULL because the arguments were considered out of bounds?

Or maybe you're getting NULL because the system is out of memory at the time of this call?

You mention the device tree nodes not getting populated. Have you debugged that function to determine why this is not happening?

Please note that what you're working on is something unique and probably very few people are working with this exact software or configuration. Thus detailing a lot of the symptoms may not help anyone here any better than you can help yourself by adding debug within the code you are working with.

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