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ulyssues.fam 05-03-2012 04:11 AM

NS2 S-MAC Sleep Time Query
Hey all.

Since I could not work through the Z-MAC protocol on NS2 ( ) I decided to work on another protocol. This time is S-MAC.

Below you will see the description of my query.

"I would appreciate some help over here. I want to modify the sleep time of the S-MAC protocol on NS2 v2.34. Any ideas which .cc or .h, or any file I need to change?

In order to give you a greater understanding of what I want to do, I will explain.
I want to change the Sleep Time of a node on S-MAC. Instead of its default sleep time function, I want to implement ADCEC (Adaptive Energy Conservation Model using Dynamic Caching for Wireless Devices), which works as follows:

The New sleep time of a node is determined by the Previous_sleep_time_duration_of_the_node Minus Previous_sleep_time_duration_of_the_node Times (Packets_cached_for_next_Send_from_the_sender_node Divided by Total_packets_destined_for_the_node_from_the_sender_node).

It might sound kind of confusing but in reality it is not.

Any help? Just need to know which file(s) I need to modify in NS-2 in order to implement this.

Thank you in advance."

Thanks guys!

narendher25 11-24-2012 04:18 PM

Hi did you get the solution to that problem? even iam need of the logic to make a node exchange between sleep and wakeup state depending on some constarints?? Please give a reply as soon as possible

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