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joekazama 02-27-2013 10:29 AM

Noob needs HELP!
Hello all, Joe here,

Im panicking because I'm taking a class on intro to linux, and everything was fine, we were using chown, and chmod, and ls, and pwd, and now i've got this assignment where I have a giant .log file and I have to grep and sed, and tr, and start_date time, without time, and organize all this info.

I would say that I have no idea but im pretty close to having NO IDEA how to sift that info out and organize it properly.

For example. Theres dates in within the .log. the dates are inside of [] how do i find the earliest date and the latest date within the file???

any and all info would be appreciated

thanks - joe

frankbell 02-27-2013 09:26 PM

Welcome to LQ.

Writing a manual on how to use those commands is a bit beyond the scope of the forums, but a web search is your friend. We are more equipped to answer specific questions.

Here's some guidance from the LQ rules:


Do not post homework assignments verbatim. We're happy to assist if you have specific questions or have hit a stumbling point, however. Let us know what you've already tried and what references you have used (including class notes, books, and searches) and we'll do our best to help. Keep in mind that your instructor might also be an LQ member.
This manual is an excellent resource:

Tuxfiles has excellent tutorials; some of the most useful ones I've found are there:

The LQ search feature might also be helpful. The topics you mention have been frequent topics in other threads.

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