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suckerr70 01-02-2007 01:20 AM

no screens found?
I have just recently bought a new LCD monitor and just today thought of installing the new Mandriva 2007. I've used Mandriva on computers (including my current one) since Mandrake 7 (but I have used and loved many other distros)and never had any problems but now, When I boot up Mandriva, it goes to the black command screen with login. I login as me and type "startx" and get this:

Data incomplete in file /ect/X11/xorg.conf
At least one screen section is required.
(EE)Problem parsing the config file
(EE)Error Parsing the config file
Fatal server error:
no screen found

Fatal IO error 104... bla bla bla...

This is a first to me. I use a "nVidia GeForce 7600 gt ko" and a "Samsung 225BW lcd monitor"(using the DVI cable)

If I must show you my xorg.conf file to figure it out, how would I save it out to do so? I'm not going to write down the whole thing by hand and retype it out :P. Thanks!

btmiller 01-02-2007 02:08 AM

Try running xorgcfg (graphical) or xorgconfig (text based) to set up the configuration file. You might search Google for your particular model if you need help figuring out all the data that the configuration requires. There's probably also a Mandriva specific tool for this but I don't know offhand what it is.

Wim Sturkenboom 01-02-2007 04:16 AM

With regards to 'how to copy the config file':

copy to a pendrive and next copy and paste sections device, monitor and screen using another computer.
There are options to do this copy/paste using the normal terminals as well (at least under slackware); can't remember the name of the utility.

suckerr70 01-03-2007 03:44 PM

Thank you very much for you help. When i looked at the xorg.conf file, its was half corrupt or something and missing alot of things so I repaired it and now its all there. I even got 3D-desktop to work!:p Thanks again.

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