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Joe Soap 02-07-2002 04:37 AM

No mp3 sound, cd sound ok
I'm running Suse 7.3. When I play an audio cd, the sound comes through ok. However, when I play an mp3, there is no sound at all. This only happens for some of the users defined on my PC. Other users (including root) can happily listen to mp3's.

IIRC there is an application (or utility) where the default volume has been set to 0. This is why there is no sound for the mp3's, but the CD's are unaffected. You have to open this and set the volume to whatever (max or 10 or something). Problem is I don't know which app/util to open to change the setting.

Any ideas?


Joe Soap 02-07-2002 02:34 PM

Hmmm, seems I'm the only one with this problem...

Anyhoo, if there's some other soul out there with this problem, the good people at Suse supplied the solution in double-quick time and here it is:

1. Start KDE control centre
2. Select Sound --> Sound Server
3. Click the Sound I/O tab
4. Click the Sound I/O method dropdown box, select "Advanced Linux Sound Architecture" and apply
5. Start Noatun, sit back and enjoy.


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