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merlin371 07-24-2003 09:44 PM

No Menu an KDE
I just installed mandrake 9 but when i finish the install i have nothing on the menu and not even the few icons i have on the desktop works and if i run a program by browsing the hard drive it doesn't work when i installed the program i couldn't install GKD engine does that has anthing to do with it?

Dark_Helmet 07-25-2003 05:54 PM

I'm afraid I can't help you with your KDE problems, but I might be able to help you get a response sooner. The forum you posted the message in is dedicated to a project called Linux From Scratch, and there isn't always a lot of foot traffic in here.

You might have more luck if you asked one of the moderators to move this post to the General or Newbie forums. They have many more people go through those posts, and you have a much better chance of connecting with someone who has seen this problem or have an idea how to fix it.

trickykid 07-26-2003 09:58 AM

moved: not an LFS specific question.

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