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rich.jt 07-19-2004 04:00 PM

I bought the linux red hat 9 unleashed book with the installation discs in t.
In my PC on the primary master drive is Win XP so I installed a second HDD which came up as primary slave.
Using disc 1 on the screen that flashed by was the make and number of my new HDD. Then came a point where I had to use my mouse to click next.
The mouse was stuck. It was connected to the PS2 port on the back of my PC. So I puled it out to try it on the PS2 port on my new USB keyboard.
By doing so I touched the power cable which restarted the computer. Know when I try to click enter or rescue it comes up with something like this,
Uncompressing linux red hat 9....OK booting from kernel....
Then it sticks. I would appreciate help.
PS, the primary master with Win XP comes up as HDD-0 as the third boot option.
PS, e-mail:

SciYro 07-19-2004 04:38 PM

it sounds like something messed with the kernel image (bad images, like if they weren't made for you computer) will do that at boot time

anyways, reinstall the kernel should solve the problem (unless the boot loader (you use lilo i think?) cant even find the kernel image for some reason (might want to check the /etc/lilo.conf just in case then))

O and for future reference, please post posts like these (technical stuff) in either Linux - general or Linux - newbie (after all, this forum is for posts about the site itself)

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